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Thursday, May 19th, 2011
4:37 pm
Holy Crap on a Stick
I live!

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
9:48 am
So much work to do... When will I ever have the time to complete it all?

On another note, my birthday is just around the corner. Yay me. Plans to be squestered away from the public are being drafted as I type.

Current Mood: hungry
Sunday, October 15th, 2006
4:24 pm
Open thy windows, ventilate thy home.
Last night I celebrated, it was the first night since the start of summer that I could turn off the AC and leave all the windows open. Hooray, summer's oppressive grasp on our lives is officially over, get ready for moderately chilly weather soonish. It's nice to be able to able to herald the changing of seasons by a change in motorcycle riding wardrobe. Out goes the lining-less mesh riding jacket, and in comes the spiffy riding leathers.

I was a bit upset about some things that occurred this Friday, so I rectified my rampant emotions with retail therapy. Yes, I spent near half a grand on a brand new Nintendo DS, accessories, and a shit-ton of games. Then me, Ethan, Kelby, Adrian, and Ken all sat around the livingroom playing giddy wireless multiplayer sidescrolling games like we were all kids back in the 90's. Ah, sweet reconnection to my youth.

We spent an hour alone screwing around with pictochat, which we decided would be more appropriately termed "penischat", so dubbed because inevitably all scrawlings wirelessly sent degrade down to an escalation of who can draw the best or funniest phalic image. To quote Penny-Arcade, "You sir are the Hemingway of your generation". Words cannot quite do justice the mirth of seeing Ethan's drawing of a winking pirate penis, peg-testicle and all.

That's what I did this weekend, play games and spend money. What I did not do this weekend includes a laundry list of necessary activities such as... well, laundry. Laundry, homework, cleaning of the house, gym, watering of the plants (Thank God I don't have any pets, they would have been forsaken for Mariocart DS), or even shaving. Speaking of homework, I'm busy procrastinating on that right now... Oh well.

... back to the grind. The homework grind. Feh.

Current Mood: ditzy
Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
6:32 pm
Just another Tuesday...
Ok, things are going fine. Honest. Just busy, I should be used to that though, right?


Work-gym-homework-sleep-work-fighter practice-homework-sleep-work.... etc. Sleep is a minority in there on the agenda, trust me.

I had a fairly troublesome day at work today, no details necessary, but came home to some glowing reviews of my homework from my TWC411 class which made it all better. Had post-work/pre-workout meal with Jamie-Sue at the Boba place today, it was pleasant. Now it's just time to catch up on emails before I have to run out and do more things.

Current Mood: calm
Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
4:05 am
Far more dramatic than I would like, but what the hell else is livejournal for?
Wow... I'm actually posting, probably all for the wrong reasons, but I'm posting something nonetheless.

I'm sad. Not miserable, but sad.

It's been over a year since last I posted. Things have been going well for me, not exceptional, but definitely well. Financially, academically, and even physically I have been at a steady incline this year. For the most part I've been fairly content. Challenged, busy, focused ahead and climbing, but emotionally content. Perhaps that's why I've failed so miserably at updating my journal?

That said, I'm sad now. I’m also posting for the first time in over a year, take it for what you will.

I've... I've done well lately, everywhere but romantically. I know, it's a common theme with sophisticated and intelligent guys in the IT field (modesty aside of course), but my issue is not quite so typical, or maybe it is?

This last year has seen me in several relationships, each of which has ended miserably. They have been soul incendiary, heart-lacerating, horrible, horrible-horribly dramatic emotion numbing failures. I cannot commit, even if she gives it her all to make things work. That's not to say that I cannot be faithful, I have never cheated on a mate, but I notice one thing wrong and flee. If you're reading this, it is me attempting to be honest with myself, not inviting someone I've loved or a personal stranger even to wax philosophical on the nature of my love life or potential psychosis.

I am at a loss though... Is it because of the first? Katyia, despite my best efforts you're still a phantom in my mind. Is it due to the tragic nature of my parent’s relationship and my vow to never let that happen to me? Is it some sense of self-loathing, that whole introspective "I don't love myself, so they can't really be in love with me and just want something else"? Or perhaps I have just been dating the wrong individuals and am just incredibly difficult and judgmental? Maybe I just anticipate that entropy will always get between me and my ideals of what a relationship should be, and end it before I’ve invested too much of myself to something I suspect is doomed anyways. I don't know.... I'm a little less of the person I was at the conclusion of each relationship though. Or is that just part of adulthood?

So I'm sad, sad because I don't know. I’m Sad for the end of things, sad for the death of things that could have been. And I wonder… perhaps I'm broken in some fashion or another.

At the very least I can take consolation in the fact that I'm too busy right now to dwell on it for long... Just a journal post where there was none before, and back to work.

I miss you though.

Current Mood: sad
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
1:16 pm
San Diego Pictures!
Some pics from last weekends California Trip,

If I promised cake and ice cream would you click here?Collapse )

Current Mood: busy
10:57 am
Of storms and wet carpets...
My office is flooded, an ocean of rainwater and celing tiles poured into our third floor office from the ceiling of the conference room on the northeast side of the building. We've had a cleanup crew working since midnight yesterday getting the water out and cleaning up the premises, most everyone else was called up told to work from home, their desks soaked and thousands of dollars of equipment wet and malfunctioning... I love interesting times.
We'll get back to the flooding story in a bit, but for now while we're on the topic of interesting times, let me summarize current events in chronological order first, starting just after highlands war.
The slackasses at ASU (they are state employees after all) finally finished processing my application, and I am now a full student to Arizona's premier university, Arizona State University, and am party to its full splenderous mediocrity. I go to orientation today at 4:00 in the p.m. I'm actually marginally excited to be going back to school full time again this semester, I mean, I'm not loosing any sleep over it or jump, jivin and wail'n with joy, but I am pleasantly anticipating the fall semester. It should be... keen. Although I do need to get another $50 measles immunization shot, feh.
I got into a car accident. Now, before you get excited, I'm fine. Me, Jay and Matt were heading back in Jays car to the house after making a filibertos run. We stopped at a downed traffic light, but the elderly couple in the mercury SUV battlewagon didn't. They collided into the rear of Jays car at about 45 mph. Crushed in the poor Mitsubishi Gallants trunk and bumper. Although in the back seat and without seatbelt, I sustained no injury or residual soreness, and was quoted saying, "I've taken worse hits in the SCA".
I finished fixing my car, everythings hunky-dory with my poor little geo prizm, now with a new clutch and transmission it should be able to go through emissions testing without problem, hassle or fail. The interior smells a little and makes me wonder what unnatural acts of sorcerous garbage Matt had left in it to rot, but the important part is that everything functions. I left it parked in my assigned parking spot for my apartment complex, all that remains to be done is to find the time to take it through emissions and then register it.
I've been in contact with Fallon since the war. She's cool, she's sending me a book. I will have to return the favor.
I drove out with my two elder brothers, sister in law Beth and my nephew Jacob to California last weekend. We left on Friday night to meet up with the youngest brother David, who still remains enlisted in the Navy. Dave is being re-stationed to shore duty in Sicily in just a month, he leaves in a day or two to the Great Lakes area for retraining before being shipped across seas. Lord knows when next we'll get an opportunity to see Dave, so we all drove out to San Diego to hang out with him. Friday night we got to his tiny apartment at 2 in the morning, and fought for floor space to crash on. Saturday we took a tour of San Diego, most notably saw quite a few cool ships at port. We saw (and took pictures of) an old russian sub, the famous WWII carrier Midway, the stars and stripes, the star of india, and the ship from "master and commander". Later on that saturday we had dinner with my brother Toms inlaws, and... well... thats about it, spent a lot of time in traffic and hardly any of what happened is worth mentioning. Sunday we said our goodbyes and parted ways, I headed back to my domain of Phoenix.
When I returned, I found out that my car had been towed. Apparently our apartment complex has undergone new management, and the new management contracts with a local towing company to tow any vehicle that either a: has underinflated tires, b: appears abandoned, or c: has expired tags. My vehicle fell into the latter category. There was no warning either, Friday I go on vacation, Sunday its gone. Its a remarkable scam too, the towing company charges a base 150 dollars for you to get your car back, and an extra 15 dollars each day they store it. They charge an extra 40 dollars if you have to pick it up later than 5 o'clock, and if they have to bring it to you, then be ready to fork out another extra 150 plus milage. Oh, and you need to have current registration before they'll release it to you, which means that while you're waiting to get registration handled, you're racking up the bill with them. I can't help but wonder what kind of kick-back the apartment complex gets from the towing company.
Well, payed for a 30 day temporary registration because the vehicle was incable of testing for emissions, then opened up an insurance policy and raced to the towing company to pick up my car before 5, when they would charge me another 40 bucks to release it, when I got there it was obvious that the company was not very popular. The single window from where the receptionist for the company worked from had bars, and the plexiglass to the window had been shattered from what looks like a fist or thrown brick, and had been hastily taped up with duct tape. Like anyone who comes to expect the people they deal with do not like them, the woman behind the counter was obnoxious and in no hurry to help anyone with anything. I gave her my hard earned cash, she gave me back my ill-attained property. May karma deal your moraly bankrupt company a fell blow.
Then, last night, the monsoon came.
For those of you not native to Phoenix, here's something you have to understand about our summers. They're hot, incredibly so, and generally very dry too... with the exception of the monsoons. Late in the summer we get massive torrential desert downpours that flood neighborhoods and houses alike. Its natures way of making up for the rest of the summer I suppose, but its usually too little too late. Not this year. The dust storm started about the time I was finishing up with fighter practice, the dark clouds rolled in with wind-hewn dirt at its vanguard. I drove home from fighter practice amidst a storm of brown landscape, then the rain came. It rained so hard so suddenly that you could not see three feet in front of you, the wind and the rain instantly puddled up in the roads and within minutes we were all driving in intermittent ponds. By the time I got home, I noticed that the winds had uprooted all the young trees planted in the aparment complex (Take that new management!). I got inside soaking wet after having sprinted but a few yards.
Once inside I partook of the bliss that any man who is safely warm and inside in the midst of a storm knows. It was nice.
And now work...
Aparently the drains on the top of this old building could not keep up with the water that was being forced down them, and a roof-full of water needed somewhere to go, through the ceiling of the conference room it went. And now it is all damp in here wet-carpet smelling.

Current Mood: content
Thursday, July 28th, 2005
3:06 pm
Highlands war, the recap... with pics!
Last weekend was Highlands war, which for those of you who aren't in the know, is an annual SCA event held in the pine forests near Flagstaff, AZ. Every year we gather amidst the rain and the sun under the canopy of the forest to hold an excellent medieval social gathering that includes some of the best music, partying and fighting of the year. This year was no exception.
Some highlights from this years highlands war include:

Playing cat and mouse with Mathias (haha, I legged you!).
Incredibly long, time-consuming courts.
Playing with Crystals hair extentions (they make excellent "zz-top" beards).
Fighting in the rain.
Getting my back hair pulled out by Little John.
Catching Little John and repaying him in kind.
Slaying the enemy.
Singing about breadfish ( http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/breadfish/ ).
Playing music with Jeff and the Orphan.
Making out with Fallon on the kings throne in the middle of court (at night).
Consecrating the battlefield on Saturday night with bucket after the kidneys are through with it.
Not waiting for court to end before fighting in open view of it.

And now for the pics!Collapse )

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
11:51 am
The Wheels of Progress Turn.
College... I had an appointment last week with my academic advisor at PVCC, come to find out that I require only one more class for my associates, and they do not offer it at any time I can feasibly take it, nor do they offer it online. Furthermore, In order to qualify for financial aid I need to take a minimum of 6 credits worth of school, so taking just that one class wouldn't work even if it were accessible, and any credit hour taken beyond that class is wasted when I transfer to a University... So, a semester early I am transfering to ASU. I will be taking that one course at ASU (amongst three others that count towards my BA), transfering that one credit back to PVCC upon completion, graduating with my associates at PVCC, then transfering the full credit classload back to ASU where I'll be at for another year and a half. Or at least thats the plan.
Admissions into ASU is a pain in my arse however. I need proof of immunizations, I have none, so I need $30 bloodwork done, then they test my blood for measles immunity, if I fail its $35 more for measles immunization. The application which I completed yesterday carried with it a $25 fee, and I have to have official transcripts from every school I've ever been to (including high school) sent to the registrars office with a fee of $5 to $10 each. I'm being nickle and dimed to death here... parking at ASU is a buck an hour too.
I renewed my fafsa, applied, and requested official transcripts sent from both colleges I attended previously. I unremarkably cannot reach anyone at my high school as it is summer break, and they have a horrible website with no information on who to contact. I intend to do more research into just how necessary high school transcripts from almost a decade ago are when I already have 64 credit hours from various colleges with a 3.75 gpa. Research, research, research... and ASU's website sucks too... there's just more of it.
Some good news (the college stuff isn't necesarily bad news, just tedium extrordinarum), I was contacted by Ballys, they reviewed my claim and cancelled my account and debt. They're mailing me a statement confirming such that I can smear feces on and mail to the collections agency who keeps pestering me. Well, maybe not smear feces, but with the exception of having to handle it long enough to mail it, it sounds like an appealing idea. So credit rating perfection is on track, after that, I can get a killer rating on a mortage. I'd like to take care of this very very soon, I don't want to have to rent month to month where I'm staying anymore.
I've been very regular about my gym/fighting schedule, and its paying off. My chest/back/arms are pleasantly sore, and after leg day today I anticipate that I will have quite some difficulty walking. I feel good, not quite better than James Brown, but definately in shape. Oh, and my car is getting fixed, bought a new transmission and clutch for it, will probably have it put in within the next couple of days... getting groceries on the motorcycle is pretty rough.
And, I've kinda been seeing someone on the side, but its hard to classify it as dating as yet...

Current Mood: busy
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
4:29 pm
Pop Tart, Whats the Matter?

Pop tart, what's the matter
Did you lose..what you're after?
For your tears I'm still singing
For your fears, I am ringing
From Houston on a downer buzz
Like you said, It's just because
You'll detonate your long lost kisses
Wished on the eve of forgotten blessings
So start your way for a new impression

That try to hold on
To this heart a little bit stronger
Try to hold on
Try with this love aloud
Try to hold on
For this heart has never been broken
Try to hold on
Try to hold on
Pop tart, did you flatter
When they spoke..of my disasters
At 13, I lost my compass
But I'm sure, it's all accomplished
As my desires on my ghost trains
Like you said when it rains
It's pours down the back of the bitter son
Desperate for love and loves everyone
In my mother's arms, no simple harm

Conspires to hold on
To this heart
A little bit closer
Try to hold on
To this love aloud
Try to hold on
And we know
If we go under
We just can't let go

No, no
Pop tart, will it matter?
If I lose and just shatter
Will you cry, and keep crying
Will I die, and keep dying
In Tokyo, the sad tragic blues
Like you said, it's how you use
'Cause someday we'll know if this even matters
Our rings and maze and simplicity
When can we laugh and take all the credit
And know we'll go free
With our hearts a little bit stronger
Try to hold on
For this love aloud
Try to hold
For this heart's a little bit frightened
Just try to hold on

Just try to hold on
Just try
1:06 pm
Wake me up for the end of the world only if it has cool special effects.
Well, almost bought a house, decided at the last moment not to sign the bid, too many things wrong, too many people to have to depend on to make rent feasible, house immensely large and expensive, and realtor frantic about getting me to buy as soon as possible (coming to my job in Downtown Phoenix even with the papers). Waiting until I'm comfortable and find something closer to 100% ideal.
I officially ended my tenuous relationship with Anna the other day, I won another warhammer tournament, and I got the bike fully tuned up and brakes fixed. A lot of change seems to be happening right now, and life seems to go by in a blurr. I walk around like a ghost in my present, things keep occuring around me as I unconcernedly continue to haunt the old places, now devoid of the pulsing warmth of life.
I think I want to get drunk. Something to take my mind off of financial/relationship concerns and remember the sheer joy of living upon the bravado of a crooked smile and a pair of bloody knuckled fists.

Current Mood: morose
Friday, June 24th, 2005
1:12 am
Where have the days gone? Why are the nights so dark? Where is comic relief when you need it?
It seems like old hat for me to just say "A lot is going on", but I've little other way to express it. I've recieved a couple very generous loan offers for purchasing a house, and I would be quite extatic over that if it weren't that I know I could do better if I could just clear up the one single black mark on my credit. Its a little screwup that comes with helping out a friend into a Ballys contract before he went into the military and believing the Ballys staff when they assured me it would only be for a month. The guys idea of having the account only open for a month was to leave it open, but remove my credit card from the billing, so 3 years later it goes to collection and I'm finally notified about a debt of over 2k for a gym membership created for someone who left for the military less than a month after signing up.
I called Ballys to clear it up, they sold the account to another company, I called that company, they sold the account to yet another company. I called that company, a very sympathetic individual heard my story, then told me that the best they could do is probably settle for some lower charge. I'll fax them a copy of Matts military orders in the morning, circling the date enlisted in service and noting that its one month after the contract date. Ballys apparently has Ironclad contracts the likes of which you are legal bound to unless you either enlist in the military or move to a location where there is no gym within 30 miles. The Navy should suffice and make the contract invalid, thereby clearing my record... but dealing with creditors is such a pain in the arse. When thats all said and done however, and everything regarding my credit is amended, it becomes time to purchase a house. I looked at four today, none of them sufficed, Sunday I go looking again.
My workout schedule/fighting has gone exceptionally well, I've been hitting the gym 3 days a week and fighting in armor 2. I'm incredibly sore all the time, always ravenous for food as well, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It feels good to be sore like that. I've also been playing music at first fridays, Drummer Jeff invited me down one friday to play with him and the crew and has since insisted that I make my presence a regular thing, its good to get some non-sca war musical practice in once a month.
Two Saturdays ago was a Warhammer 40k tournament at the Imperial Outpost. I took second, good 'ole Greg took first. This Saturday coming up is yet another tournament that me and the guys intend to participate in, and that very evening the running plan is to hang out with Anna, which would make it the first time in about a week and a half or so... maybe I exaggerate, I have a very loose grasp of the passing of time, I saw her on Friday, we went out dancing at Tranzlvania (Dance club on Central between Fillmore and Roosevelt). She couldn't dance much, she had a bum knee from "chasing someone over a couch" at one of those parties she goes to without me, so I did a lot of dancing by myself (queue the Billy Idol please), then we went to our seperate homes because there were too many people at mine and she had to work in the morning. So... almost exactly a week I think, much longer than that since we've shared anything as meaningful as even a decent conversation. We were supposed to hang out today, or at least thats what she told me yesterday, I informed her then that I would be house shopping with my realtor after work, but it shouldn't take all day. When I finished some time in the evening I gave her a rang, she picked up after the second or third call and informed me that she had made other plans because I did not notify her in time, whatever those plans were are anyones guess to me, I hung up at that point.
Sunday the last was quite teh awesome. Me, Ken, Trisha and Astrid hung out before a bonfire of comfortable proportions, stayed up well into the morning and had breakfast before crashing on the couch. Oh, and I'm getting my car fixed at a very reasonable price by Ryans dad, David. I'm quite pleased about that, it'll be nice to have a vehicle other that a motorcycle to drive around... especially considering the air conditioning works.
Besides all that, and then some, I've been very troubled lately. My brother stumbled upon some very dark happenings, old skeletons left to decay in the family closet that nobody but those directly hurt and the culprit himself knew about for more than a decade. Since my brother informed me, unable to bear it gnawing at him for a mere couple of days, it has casted a pall on all that I think about and do. I go to confront him on this matter, and my life may never be the same thereafter.

Current Mood: determined
Monday, May 30th, 2005
9:04 am
Standing here on the shores of destiny...
The office lights are dimmed low. Very low. I like it like this, the eerie quality of being all alone in the cool cool darkness of my cubicle and no-one else around.
Work on memorial day is optional, so of course nobody else came. Except me that is, because I have work to finish. I made the mistake of mentioning that I was bored at work, so my manager voluntered me to write procedures for the documentation team. One month later I have a deadline of writing 18 various procedural documents per week. I've been rolling in overtime, but somewhat dissatisfied knowing just what IBM technical writers make and what desktop support makes.
Anyways... I finished the last semester of college and am quite pleased with the results. Straight A's. yeup, all that doing homework at work has truly paid off. I won some SCA greatsword tournament or other... and oddly enough it was the first time I've ever picked up a greatsword. I'm buying a house.
Per usual, there's so much more I'd like to recap on, but oh well, maybe I'll post it later when I remember everything. The important part however is that I'm fine, doing great, but busy as hell like always.

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
10:01 pm
Your head will collapse if there's nothing in it.
Ah, performing an all night-last-minute-7-page-paper-writing-and-cram-session is like a stroll down nostalgia lane that I'd rather not be on.
This post is a brief interlude between writing, erasing, re-writing, erasing again, then browsing online for something interesting. Gone is the yesteryear luxury of procrastination, I am operating under the best motivator, necessity.
Anywho, I may be performing some music come Friday, assuming school has not left me a lifeless husk of a human being by then.
should be

Current Mood: tired
Monday, May 2nd, 2005
9:42 am
"YAaaaaawwwwn" *streeeetch*
Getting 10 hours of sleep does so much for your perspective.
I shouldn't feel so contentedly lethargic with so much work to do, but I am blissfully so in spite of my anticipated labor.
finals to study for, papers to write, documentation at work to do... *yawn* ... All in good time.

Current Mood: relaxed
Sunday, March 27th, 2005
3:33 am
Branch upon a stream, woodwaterfireburningburninggone.
Fire fire, flickers brighter
as water caresses edge of wood
Splashing left then running rightly
Deciding which water never could.

Fire burns wood with carefull daring
Blazing left to right with kindled care
The fate of fire is to dance with water
And resigned it is to burn right there.

Water carries wood and fire
Waltzing, drifting, winter affair
with indecision water smoulders
blackened wood is whats left there.

Current Mood: sad
Monday, March 21st, 2005
12:06 pm
Pop tart, whats our mission?
The greatest lethargy in the world is the fruit of depression. Or is it the other way around?

Current Mood: disappointed
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
2:22 pm
In two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.


 Buzzing insect flies

Then shifts this mortal coil,

Stain on my windshield.


 *yawn* another day and nothing all that exciting to report. I've been installing IBM Blade chasis and servers, doing cabling, then pre and post builds of 2003 server w/ various server apps. Events at work have been proceeding well and with precision clockwork, gettling lots done, learning a lot, enjoying myself and taking pride in what I've done. School has been pretty good as well, on top of all my work, everything going fine. Bills are paid for the most part... cable bill was paid a day too late, so they disconnected it (thats what I get for procrastination), so I have to wait until monday for them to turn it back on. No posts or gaming from home this weekend, feh. I'm busy anyways, Josh's birthday is on friday, was supposed to be a surprise, but his wife is real bad at keeping secrets. Saturday I have a warhammer 40k tournament to attend, and hopefully conquer, Sunday is fighter practice, and monday is work all over again. The only advantage to next week, besides having cable again, will be that its spring break, no school!! WOO!!... What will I do with all that time eh?

 Gregs birthday is also coming up shortly, he wants us all to caravan out to Rocky point, or Vegas. I'll find out more about that shortly. Dave is also finally back in San Diego, I'll have to find some way to get out there and hang out with my brother. *yawn* So sleepy, need to get through today, then school, then lab... then sleep.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
1:07 am
Just another good poem.

Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

 - Robert Frost

Current Mood: listless
Monday, February 28th, 2005
9:19 am
War Pictures!
Its a lazy monday morning here at work, so I thought I'd post some pictures from last weeks event.

Click if you dare!Collapse )

Current Mood: sleepy
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